SPIRE-SAIS Mid-term Conference - A look at the agenda

Skills Alliance for Industrial Symbiosis – a Cross-sectoral Blueprint for a Sustainable Process Industry

Published on: 
Tuesday, 8 February, 2022

This is a working draft of the mid-term conference agenda. We invite you to register to attend the conference and stay up to date with the latest updates! 


A Cross-Sectoral Skills Strategy for Industrial-Urban Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency - Empowering the EU citizens to contribute to the transition

3 March 2022 - Sectoral Blueprint SPIRE SAIS: How to define and adjust skills and jobs for a future proven Energy Intensive Industry

9h30 Welcome Address

  • Antonius Schröder, TUDO

9h35 - SPIRE-SAIS - Why this project?

  • Sectoral Blueprints Program (Erasmus+) - Felix Rohn, DG Employment, European Commission
  • Processes4Planet Program (SPIRE) - Dorota Pawlucka, Covestro, A.SPIRE APG Vice-Chair for Competitiveness

9h55 - Towards the cross-sectoral Blueprint for Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency - an overview of the first two years

  • Current state and future outlook of Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency -Valentina Colla, SSSA
  • Industry skills needs for Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency - Félix Bayón, Sidenor
  • Vocational Education and Training for Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency - Simonas Gaušas, Visionary Analytics

10h10 Discussion with the audience in parallel sessions

  • Technological and Economic Developments - Valentina Colla, SSSA
  • Industry Skills Requirements - Félix Bayón, Irina Celades
  • VET System Support - Simonas Gaušas, Tania Avelino

10h50 What are the industry practices in training and workforce upskilling? SPEAKERS TBC

Moderator: James Woodcock

  • Arnd Becker, Covestro
  • Ana Fernandez Iglesias, ArcelorMittal
  • Aurela Shtiza, IMA Europe

11h30 Break

11h45 SPIRE-SAIS Blueprint Prototype

  • Antonius Schröder, TU Dortmund University

→ The EC Perspective - Veronica Manfredi, DG Environment, European Commission

→ The Industry Perspective, Moderator - Àngels Orduña, A.SPIRE

  • Corinna Zierold, IndustriAll (Union)
  • Aurela Shtiza, IMA Europe (SME)
  • Naomi Timmer, H20-People B.V. (Junior Water Program)

→ The Civil Society Perspective:

  • Esther Goodwin-Brown - Circular Jobs Initiative, Circle Economy

→ Presentation: Circular Jobs Initiative, Circle Economy - Esther Goodwin-Brown

12h45 Q&A and Closing of Day 1

Friday 4 March 2022 - Making the European Blueprints a reality - the way forward

9h30 Welcome and Highlights of Day 1

  • Raquel Almeida, ISQ

9h40 Pact for Skills

  • TBC

9h55 European Blueprint (Draft): Feedback from the Member States

Moderator - Rachel Lombardi, Antonius Schröder

  • Spain - focus on: TBC
  • Germany - focus on Hydrogen - Inga Schad-Dankwart, BIBB
  • Italy - Loredana di Sante CORALIS Project, focus on: Industrial-Urban Symbiosis-CORALIS Project, Brescia district

10h40 Break


10h55 Good practices & challenges from other Blueprints and Skills Programmes

  • ESSA - Dean Stroud, Cardiff University
  • allbatts - Jakub Stolfa
  • INSIGHT - Yannick Vesters
  • CircLean - Luigi Lo Piparo, technopolis

11h55 Potential collaborations for roll-out

  • European Community of Practice H4C Europe, Ignacio Calleja, EIT Raw Materials
  • Regional Cooperation: Towards a new skills ecosystem. Skills for Effective Regional Innovation Ecosystems - Lara Porciatti, ART-ER

12h35 What is next? Erasmus+ funding opportunities

Urska Primec, EACEA

12h45 Communication and Dissemination: How to stay up to date with the project?

Andrea Tropeoli, RINA

12h55 Q&A and Closing Word

Antonius Schröder, TUDO