Review of sustainability assessment tools

Tool clusters and some selected criteria are on the edge of the circular diagram. Tool clusters are on the right, criteria are on the left.

Mouseover a tool cluster or criteria (see the list below the diagram) at the edge of the circle to focus on it. The links to/from the group you have selected will be highlighted. The total number of tools in the cluster (and their names) or the total number od tools matching the criteria you have chosen will appear.

The thickness of links between tool clusters and criteria encode the absolute number of tools from a given cluster that match a given criteria. Mouseover a given link to get quantitative information.

Full LCA = Full LCA tools; Simplified LCA = Simplified LCA tools;
Chem. Tools = Tools of the chemical industry; Waste = Tools focusing on waste; Energy = Tools focusing on energy;
Other tools = Other tools.

complex = complex tools; simple = simple tools;
free = free tools; cost = tools the user has to pay for;
industry = tool used in the industry; academic = tool used in academia;
dyn = dynamic tool; static = static tool;
decis = tool supporting decision-making; label = tool used for labelling / certification;
env. indicators = tool producing environmental indicators; socio = tool producing social indicators; econ = tool producing economic indicators.