Added Value


Shape the future of the process industry and address its R&D needs

  • Let your voice be heard by participating in the co-programmed Partnership that has united European authorities and ten major process industry sectors towards promoting the competitiveness and sustainability of manufacturing in Europe.
  • Provide input and shape the EC R&I working programmes to contribute to the successful implementation of the Processes4Planet Partnership.
  • Access the Processes4Planet calls and bring your project ideas to practice in order to benefit from the success of the Processes4Planet Partnership by leveraging the network of process industry.
  • Put forward the strategic directions of your organization’s research & innovation agenda and discuss with the other industrial sectors how to best tackle the common challenges and reach the common objectives.
  • Define the strategic directions / roadmap of Processes4Planet Partnership to help drive innovation in resource & energy efficiency in the European process industry (at technology level and at political level).

Network and find partners in ten major process industry sectors

  • Find partners from research, industry and academia in the European A.SPIRE network through member-only brokerage activities.
  • Benefit from synergies among different sectors and cooperate with entire value chains.
  • Enter an enriching discussion with fellow stakeholders and policy makers.

Access information on technological developments, funding and EU strategic agenda

  • Access to information on technological and non-technological developments in the A.SPIRE community.
  • Share best practices.
  • Get coaching for SMEs on leveraging relevant funding mechanisms.
  • Access to the A.SPIRE Members’ portal.

Get visibility across different sectors and players

  • Have your sector’s voice heard as contributor to the resource efficiency policy debate.
  • Make your business/organization visible through SPIRE website, EC portal, events, publications, etc.
  • Participate in and host events on relevant topics.
  • Benefit from the SPIRE platform for dissemination of project results, relevant at European but also at national levels.
  • Outreach to a larger range of actors of European stakeholders in various political and industrial fields.