SPIRE Roadmap 2030

Through purposeful cooperation across all sectors and regions, A.SPIRE has developed a multiannual roadmap that addresses research, development and innovation activities as well as policy matters towards the realization of its 2030 targets. The cross-sectorial and holistic SPIRE research and innovation roadmap provides the pathway for the process industry to decouple human well-being from resource consumption and achieve increased competitiveness in Europe. It is the result of:

  • an extensive process of cooperation and coordination of the innovation and business strategies of the eight SPIRE industry sectors (along and across their value chains),
  • an extensive process of exchange with and input from the wide range of the SPIRE research and technology organisations (RTOs) and academia across disciplines,
  • consultations with other sectors like glass, paper and pulp,
  • consultations with the European Commission services, and
  • a wider audience through a public consultation.

The current roadmap represents a coordinated and integrated framework from research to business following a staged approach with short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives and benefits. It allows therefore a strategic and time-framed basis for driving and investing in specific innovation areas that are concretely and practically contributing to achieving the sustainable growth objectives. The Roadmap articulates various sectorial innovation priorities and agendas for the next years that will provide a synergistic effect (i.e. “1+1=3”) compared to individual initiatives.