General information

Cookies are text files located in the visitor user’s PC/laptop with some information regarding the user’s visit to the SPIRE web site.

Please feel free to obtain further information related to cookies in the following hyperlinks:

Cookies blocking and elimination

As a general rule the navigators have several configuration options concerning cookies that allow them to determine privacy levels. For instance all cookies could be blocked on a website such as this. Cookies could also be saved and later eliminated. To modify these parameters the user can request either the support of the manufacturer or consult the documentation provided listed below:

In case the user restricts or blocks any or all of the cookies of the current website, it is possible that some of the functionalities or services provided by the web site will not be available.

Website cookies

The web site uses the following cookies (some of them for registered users in the portal).


Google Analytics _utma
These cookies are provided by Google as a consequence of the “Google Analytics” utilization by the owner. This service gathers information concerning the navigation, i.e., visitor location, details of the visit (time, pages consulted, etc.). The user, apart from blocking the cookies through the navigator, can use this complement provided by Google to disable the Google Analytics service during their visit.
 Addthis _atuvc Provides the buttons to share information in social hubs that appear on our web site.
 Language _icl_current_language Cookie related to language plug-in, storing the current language.