Application and Fees

A.SPIRE organizes every third week of the month an added value webinar in which you will learn more about A.SPIRE's work and activities.

Our next webinar will be held on June 23rd, 2022. Interested? You may register to participate via this link.

Application for the A.SPIRE membership takes place in the following steps

(by becoming a Member of A.SPIRE you become a Partner of Processes4Planet Partnership

1/ Provide contact details in the online form here below

2/ Complete the membership application form and upload it at the end of the online form below

3/ Download and sign the two copies of the Memorandum of Understanding . Attach a scan of the MoU to the application form below and later sent it through regular courier for signature after approval of the A.SPIRE Board of Directors

4/ Each membership application has to be approved by the A.SPIRE Board of Directors

Any questions related to the membership can be sent to or by phone +32 2 436 9613

There are four categories of membership that are detailed below. The annual membership fee depends on the type and size category that organizations belong to:

1/ Industry members  

1/a. Process Companies and Partner Companies  

  • Large (headcount>5000  or turnover > 1,5 bn€): 10,000 € 
  • Intermediate (headcount 250-4999 or turnover 50 M€ -1,5 bn€): 7,500 € 
  • Medium (headcount 50-250 or turnover 10 - 50 M€): 5,000 € 
  • Small (headcount <50 or turnover <10 M€): 2,500 € 

Process companies (EII) are active in the transformations and formulations of raw materials using continuous and batch processes into materials or intermediates (articles 3.1 and 6.2.2a of the Statutes)

Partner Companies have a partner relationship with the Process Industry, either as a supplier or customer. (article 6.2.2b of the Statutes)


1/b. Industrial Trade Associations representing the Process and Partner Companies 

  • EU level: 5,000 € 
  • National and Regional level: 3,500 € 
  • Local level: 3,000 € 

Industrial Associations, clusters or other type of federations or coalitions that represent Process or Partner companies - as in section 1/a (articles 6.2.2c; 6.2.2d and 3.1b of the Statutes)


2/ Research members (including their foundations and other linked bodies) 

  • Large (headcount >250): 2,500 € 
  • Small (headcount <250): 1,000 € 

Active in the field of process technologies and process manufacturing in general (Art 6.3.1) 


3/ Associate members 

  • For non-governmental organizations (e.g.: NGOs, labor unions or customer associations). For consultancies, public bodies which do not perform Research, Development or Innovation and related. For the Industrial Associations, clusters or other type of federations or coalitions that have an interest but are not playing an active role in process technology and process manufacturing (EU, national, regional and local) - €1.000  

  • For companies which have an interest but are not playing an active role in process technology and process manufacturing: 

  • Large (headcount>5000  or turnover > 1,5 bn€): 10,000 € 
  • Intermediate (headcount 250-4999 or turnover 50 M€ - 1,5 bn€): 7,500 € 
  • Medium (headcount 50-250 or turnover 10-50 M€): 5,000 € 
  • Small (headcount <50 or turnover <10 M€): 2,500 €

Full membership of A.SPIRE can be found here. 

We invite you to have a look at the Members Privacy Policy.


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