Ambitions and engagement: the EC workshop on Hubs For Circularity

Last 21st of April, the European Commission organized a Workshop on ‘A new flagship initiative – Hubs for Circularity

This event has been a fruitful opportunity for exchange information, explain the concept and gather ideas from different perspectives from exceptional speakers from European Commission, ECoP, companies and organizations (agenda available here). 

The welcome message from Peter Droll, DG RTD-Director, Prosperity Directorate, pointed out how H4C are not just a project, but something bigger, foreseeing first of a kind lighthouse demonstrator plants at near commercial size implementing Industrial Symbiosis and Industrial Urban Symbiosis

Industrial Urban Symbiosis main challenge is the system shift from linear business models to whole circular business models. Digital transformation is a whole process that need process Industries to take action and accelerate this uptake. Players from process industry need trustful and strong long-term relationships between industries and other new sectors. To reach ambitious objectives, these networks should also involve players from all the value chains and engage citizens

With this vision we, as the A.SPIRE Association launching the Processes4Planet Partnership coprogrammed with the EC, offer the H4C and Foak-Of-A-Kind Plants, that drastically contribute to the EU competitiveness. Along these 2 big initiatives, we promote a unique cross-sectorial community, with 10 sectors on board, and 36 innovation programmes to reach the 3 main objectives (climate neutrality, near zero landfilling and circularity, and competitiveness). 

Dorota Pawlucka, Covestro, reinforced how the H4C can play a crucial role to reach Green Deal objectives and accelerate green industry transition to reach these goals. 

During his speech, Ludo Diels, A.SPIRE IRIAG Chair from VITO, how the H4C promote a model that will reduce waste streams in the future, turning them into secondary materials. Locals authorities must play a key role in facilitating a quick and efficiental implementation (and infrastructures) for all the breakthrough innovation that will raise during the following years. 

The ambitions for Hubs for Circularity are high and so is the committment from the involved partners. 

These goals will build a new level of synergies with regions and regional funds to achieve a step change in circular utilization of resources and GHG emission reductions

Recording from the event are available here: 

To download the speakers’ presentations in pdf (the link will expire on 12/05/2021): 

Should you wish to keep showing your interest in this joint adventure, the EC can include you in the list of stakeholders. 

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