AMIGDALA. Plotting pathways towards sustainable industrial production

Integrated modelling informs decision-making to transform the European industry

The project received €7 million from the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme

A European consortium is implementing AMIGDALA, a new Horizon Europe research and innovation project that kicked off in January 2024. The project will explore pathways for the European industry to become not only sustainable, as mandated by the European Green Deal, but also to remain profitable and resilient.

AMIGDALA kick-off meeting 

Decisions augmented by model projections

The consortium maps decision-making by governments and by industry. We combine this decision framework with our computer models of economy & trade, industrial production, energy consumption, material flows and land use. This combination provides advanced foresight by projecting pathways of change from decision-based scenarios.

Regulation and investments in tune

AMIGDALA aims to achieve impact by providing European legislators and industries insights into the interaction between regulatory action and the global industrial investment response. This innovative approach thus drives sustainability while it considers strategic positioning, global competitiveness and resilience.

The consortium

Led by the research centre TNO (The Netherlands), the AMIGDALA project is formed by BFI, the Catholic University of Leuven, DECHEMA, Deloitte, ENEA, European Research Services, GreenDecision, IIASA, SITECH, Sustainable Innovations, and VITO.

The AMIGDALA project has been programmed under the Process4Planet partnership and is supported by the European Union under the Grant Agreement number 101138534.