Applications open for FormPlanet, a European Open Innovation Test Bed on metal characterisation and modelling services

Great opportunity available for interested European SMEs and companies: you can now apply to free novel metal characterisation and modelling services to predict materials and parts’ performance and prevent production losses. 

FormPlanet H2020 Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) project has launched an Open Call for European SMEs and companies to access to services to better characterise sheet metal properties and predict the formation of defects in an early stage of design, forecast part performance and prevent production losses. 

The project aims to tackle the upcoming challenges in formability and part quality assessment and support the usage of advanced high-strength materials in sheet-metal forming end-user sectors, such as transport, home appliances, machinery, packaging or construction. 

 Applicants are able to propose a problem to be solved with FormPlanet offering and will receive technical services, advisory support and visibility through project channels. 

Good luck to all the participants! 

Technical information: 

What the call offers: 

- Unique testing methodologies for more accurate materials characterisation and modelling for high strength sheet materials 

- Up to 140.000€ in metal characterisation services, technical and advisory support 

- Networking, visibility and promotion of your entity through EU events and FormPlanet channels  

Call opening: January 15th, 2021 

Call closing: March 31st, 2021  

Call information: 

Application guide:  

Application form: