Artificial Intelligence in EU Process Industry a View from the SPIRE cPPP

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is today one of the most hyped technologies. It has become strongly relevant in many aspects of our lives from natural language processing to navigation and trading in stock exchanges. AI refers to systems or applications which can make decisions and can take actions without being explicitly programmed to do so, based on data collection, usage analysis and other observations. AI is not one universal technology, it is rather an umbrella term that includes multiple technologies such as machine learning, reasoning, computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) that, individually or in combination, add intelligence to applications. The broadness of the technology portfolio, its rapid pace of change, and the increasing power of the proposed solutions will find within the process industries a significant field of implementation, leveraging some very specific characteristic of these industries.

The SPIRE cPPP has therefore developed a position paper where it presents its view on AI in the European Process Industry. In addition, the paper highlights the new challenges faced by the Process Industry, a well as the expected impact AI will have on the Process Industry. Also explained is the state of play of AI use in the Process Industry, the existing barriers and threats to the use of AI, with the paper concluding with the opportunities and outlook of future trends in AI and the application of AI.

For more information, we therefore invite you to read the 'Artificial Intelligence in EU Process Industry a View from the SPIRE cPPP'.

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