A.SPIRE - The EU’s industrial energy needs in 2030

Electrification is one of the cornerstones of the European Union’s decarbonisation and climate mitigation strategy. The EU emphasises that clean and renewable energy, direct and indirect electrification, and the production of green molecules like hydrogen and derivatives are needed for European industries to reach climate neutrality through electrification. The European Commission addressed these needs through the REPowerEU strategy and a new Renewable Energy Directive (the legal framework for the development of cross-sectorial clean energy for the EU economy). The binding target of the revised Directive, published in October 2023, is 42.5% (aiming for 45%) renewable energy in the EU's overall energy consumption by 2030.

In this context, VITO/EnergyVille was commissioned to analyse the European electricity landscape, developing various scenarios and predictions for 2030. The study, addressing climate neutrality for the Energy-Intensive Industries, is adapted to the needs of A.SPIRE and the Processes4Planet co-programmed partnership (aligned with the Processes4Planet Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2050). It quantifies the gap between the EU’s ambitions for renewable electricity and the EU’s need for renewable electricity by 2030 on both EU and member state levels.

Concawe published the full report on renewable energy. The report can be consulted here

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