A.SPIRE at IndTech2022

A.SPIRE and Processes4Planet Partnership had a significant presence at the European Commission’s Industrial Technologies 2022 event (INDTECH) held in Grenoble, France from 27 to 29 June.

A.SPIRE and Processes4Planet partners participated in the main conference and an A.SPIRE village in the main exhibition area includes booths from a range of SPIRE and Processes4Planet projects: ACHIEFCIRMET ProjectINCUBIS Energy Symbiosis Incubator (INCUBIS ESI)DESTINY PROJECT and MORSE EU. Other SPIRE or Processes4Planet-associated projects also exhibited at the event.

On 28 June A.SPIRE contributed to three of the conference sessions in Grenoble. Aurela Shtiza, from IMA-Europe and A.SPIRE Vice-chair, presented in the morning session on ‘European Partnerships: why, what, how?’ emphasizing the critical role of the Processes4Planet partnership in enabling and implementing the changes required to achieve a sustainable process industry in Europe.

At the same time A.SPIRE Executive Director Angels Orduna spoke in the session on ‘Efficient synergies between EU Missions and Industry’ highlighting the objectives and pathways described in the Processes4Planet Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (P4Planet SRIA2050). The pathways are linked to a range of industrial innovation areas and programmes to develop viable cross-sectoral solutions.

A.SPIRE sees clear links with three of the EU missions under Horizon Europe: Climate-neutral and smart cities; Restore our oceans and waters; and Adaptation to climate change. These links could imply potential investments through Hubs for Circularity (H4Cs), or First-of-a-Kind plants to reduce CO2 emissions.

In the afternoon both Angels Orduna and A.SPIRE APG Vice-Chair for Competitiveness Dorota Pawlucka, from Covestro and APG Vice-Chair of Competitiveness, participated in the session on ‘Hubs for Circularity in European Regions and Cities’. A.SPIRE’s Executive Director emphasized the concept of H4Cs as one of the key initiatives to achieve the net-zero emissions and near-zero landfilling while maintaining competitiveness.

“We see the H4Cs as the new business paradigm in Europe that can deliver real circularity at scale,” she stated.

The Processes4Planet SRIA 2050 envisages the creation of a single European Community of Practice (ECoP) to promote and support the implementation of H4Cs. Two Processes4Planet Horizon EU projects have recently launched – H4C ECoP and H4C Europe – that will work together to create this ECoP.


During IndTech2022 A.SPIRE held a #Pledge4Planet competition, encouraging all the A.SPIRE members, IndTech2022 participants and social media followers to share their contributions on how they or their organisation bring industry closer to achieving climate neutrality and circularity.

Many remarkable stories were shared during the event and online showing how our industry sectors are leading through thoughts and actions.

After much consideration, the prize, a ‘European Experience’ voucher, for the best overall contribution was awarded to Andreas Falk, from BNN - BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH. Second prizes of portable power banks went to Marie Cabaret, working at CEA, Oonagh Mc Nerney, from Workdeck, Guo-Hua Delmas, from BioEB, and Emil Lezak, R&D Project Manager; and stainless-steel water bottles were awarded to Jussi Manninen, working at VTT, Paul Bersans, freelancer project manager, Çağatay Alp Arslan, working for VICAT and Sara Vinklatova, from LEITAT.

Congratulations to the winners and all #Pledge4Planet participants! And thanks to all attendees at IndTech2022 for an inspiring event: we can make the change!

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