A.SPIRE Signed the Joint Statement for an Ambitious FP10

A.SPIRE is among the 110 (4 July 2024) co-signatories of the Joint Statement for an Ambitious FP10: Investing in Europe’s Future Competitiveness through Collaborative Research, Development, and Innovation, issued by EARTO - the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations – and its research and industrial partners.


The statement calls on the European institutions to significantly increase the budget for FP10 and to make pan-European collaborative research the cornerstone of the next Framework Programme (FP), meeting industrial needs.


Augmenting the budget for the next European Framework Programme, FP10 is essential for the research and innovation (R&I) landscape of the European process industry. Enhanced funding and strengthened pan-European collaboration are crucial, as research and innovation are the foundation of a competitive, circular, and climate-neutral industry. This approach will ensure that European industries will remain competitive and will advance sustainable practices through cutting-edge technologies.


Furthermore, the statement stresses the imperative necessity of a cross-border collaborative RD&I, with strong industrial participation and reinforced competitiveness through Pillar II, which is crucial for:

  •           Building long-term trust-based public-private partnerships (PPPs) amongst a wide variety of European RD&I actors (like Processes4Planet and its precursor, the SPIRE partnership).
  •           Reducing risk and uncertainty and stimulating private investment in Europe

A.SPIRE, the European association dedicated to managing and implementing the Processes4Planet co-programmed Partnership (under Pillar 2, Cluster 4), fully supports this initiative. Representing innovative process industries across ten sectors, A.SPIRE is committed to driving sustainable and transformative advancements in Europe’s industrial landscape and considers enhanced funding for FP10 a key enabler for achieving these goals.


Read the Joint Statement and see the list of signatories HERE