Eco-innovation workshop in Portugal

17 September 2013 SPIRE will take part in the "Eco-innovation and the efficient use of resources by the Portuguese industry - Good practices and policy instruments" workshop, which has been developed within the scope of activities of the project "ECOPOL - Public partnership for better innovation policies and instruments in support of eco-innovation".

This workshop is an initiative of the Portuguese working group (WG) of "Waste Management and Recycling" and emerged from the reflection on the results obtained in the identification of good practice and national gap analysis by each consortium partner. The results of this reflection by the Portuguese WG showed that: in Portugal most practices were focused on policy instruments on the demand side and almost none had preponderance on the offer side. This reinforces the need, also felt, to bring closer waste policies and those that promote better use of resources by society, and realize how this approach can constitute a driver of Eco-innovation.

The workshop is a one day event of a collaborative nature, which aim is to discuss the most significant material flows of the Portuguese economy, analyze practices and policy instruments that promote material efficiency and waste prevention, and in one hand to produce a set of recommendations at national level and on the other to contribute to the ECOPOL recommendations paper.

In order to enlarge the base of discussion, national experts (academia, government, business) and European experts are invited, all of them covering the fields of industrial symbiosis, eco-efficiency in industry and waste' markets. Loredana Ghinea, A.Spire Executive Director, will present the essence of the European public-private partnership SPIRE in one of the sessions.

The workshop is organized by Entities Innovation Agency, S.A. (AdI) and Portuguese Environment Agency, I.P. (APA), in collaboration with Directorate General of Economic Activities (DGAE) and National Laboratory of Energy and Geology, I.P. (LNEG). For more about ECOPOL, see