LIFE AUDIT PLUS - Enhancing energy audits schemes in Energy Intensive Industries with practical approaches

The LIFE AUDIT PLUS project started on October 2023. It aims to improve current practices for energy efficiency and carbon reduction in energy and carbon intensive industries by launching sectorial operational groups. 

The Audit Plus consortium is currently reaching out to Energy Intensive Industries (EII), technology providers, public authorities, agencies, research entities and normalisation entities to invite them to participate in 4 regional/national operational groups in Ireland, Spain and Poland. The operational groups will discuss state-of-the-art of energy efficiency management in EII and the strategies to improve the current best practices to implement the recommendations following energy audits.

In this context, the project team will work with the sectors to identify existing barriers and key enablers and to collect relevant information to determine specifications of Audit Plus's integral consulting service. The consortium aims to identify how energy audits projects are currently being organised in the companies of the energy and carbon intensive sectors and to summarise main conclusions of each operational group to determine a strategic plan at EU level  for each targeted industrial sector.

If your organisation is interested in engaging in this dialogue, please contact the project-team (LinkedIn, Twitter, website). 

Furthermore, the project will deliver an integral consultancy service to selected organisations of various industrial sectors (such as pharmaceutical, chemicals, iron and steel, food and beverages, cement and concrete, etc) in Ireland, Spain and Poland.

The LIFE AUDIT PLUS project titled "Enhancing energy audits schemes in Energy Intensive Industries with practical approaches" has been funded under the LIFE-2022-CET call.