In an interview carried out by INSIGHT Media, Àngels Orduña, A.SPIRE Executive Director, outlines the vision for Processes4Planet and how it will be key to Europe meeting its climate goals. 

As an industry association, A.SPIRE is contributing to drive the research agenda that is aiming to transform the process industry and ensure it plays a vital role in achievieng climate neutrality by 2050. Its mission has been to promote the development of technologies and best practices along the industrial value chain to ensure process industries are as resource-efficient possible. This has been done thanks to the previous partnership with the European Commission, SPIRE, and now with Processes4Planet.

The SPIRE partnership between the EU and A.SPIRE was the first time that eight sectors of the process industry (now 10) in Europe had united to develop a joint innovation strategy. This is the main diferentation factor of the partnership and it has been a great success. Under Horizon 2020, SPIRE funded more than 100 projects, involving many industrial partners.

In Processes 4Planet (P4Planet), the new co-programmed public-private partnership established between A.SPIRE – as the private entity – and the European Commission, there is a whole new vision for innovation and the application of new technologies, as our Executive Director express. The success of the previous partnership, SPIRE has allowed this new strategic vision under P4Planet to be much more ambitious. As Angels Orduña states “While through SPIRE we were largely focused on developing innovative new technologies that would help make process industries more energy efficient, less resource intensive and more sustainable, we now have far-reaching and comprehensive targets and we want to foster clear business opportunities for European industries in a challenging global market, based on technology and its implementation."

You can read the full publication in the Projects Magazine of INSIGHT.