Processes4Planet EU Cross-Sectorial R&I: the new Partnership on CHEManager

The Processes4Planet Partnership has been featured on CHEManager, the leading trade and business newspaper for the management in the chemical industry. 

In this article Ludo Diels, Chair of Advisory Group, and Àngels Orduña, Executive Director of A.SPIRE, offer an overview on the Highly Ambitious R&I Agenda of the Partnership and on how it is related to A.SPIRE vision for the ten sectors of the European Process Industry to deliver innovation for society and the planet.

The Processes4Planet co-programmed Partnership’s goal is to transform the process industries, already engaged in a deep transformation to deliver the green industrial revolution, to make them circular and achieve overall climate neutrality at EU level by 2050, while enhancing their global competitiveness.

With climate change pushing the investment agenda, the urgency to drastically reduce CO2 emissions will drive process industry decisions in the years ahead. Processes4Planet aims at contributing to the targets set by the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement with the three high ambitions for 2050 showcased in P4Planet’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA):

1) net-zero greenhouse gas emissions;

2) near zero landfilling and near zero water discharge; 

3) a thriving EU process industry with gross value added (GVA) growing quicker than EU gross domestic product (GDP).

Check the complete article to navigate further how Processes4Planet is an essential tool for A.SPIRE’s ten sectors to maintain a cross-sectorial dialogue and jointly develop R&I solutions that can be transferred from sector to sector to meet climate pledges.