Processes4Planet Projects Forum (2023)

The Projects Forum

The Projects Forum will take place on the 20th of September 2023 in DoubleTree Hotel, Brussels. Registrations are now closed; the event reached capacity. The objective of the projects forum is to advertise and make known the current Processes4Planet projects, a total of 27 so far in 2021-2022. As such, the event will be open to ASPIRE members and outside stakeholders, which include project teams and consortia members, institutional stakeholders (European Institutions, Member States Institutions). Moreover, the Projects Forum seeks to pave the way for the creation or enhancement of synergies between projects in order to maximize the impact created through the P4Planet Partnership and to contribute to its 3 ambitions of circularity, neutrality and competitiveness. Register for the event at your earliest convenience.


13h Arrival and registration

13h40 Introduction, scope, and agenda (Location: Sycamore Ballroom 1, ground floor)

  • Sebastian Engell (Technical University Dortmund), A.SPIRE APG Chair
  • Àngels Orduña, A.SPIRE Executive Director

14h05 Thematic panel sessions (in parallel)

  • Panel 1: Circularity of Resources, facilitated by Christophe Pinck (Eydecluster), APG member (Location: Chestnut Room 1, first floor)
  • Panel 2: Electrification and energy efficiency, facilitated by Sebastian Engell (Technical University Dortmund), A.SPIRE APG Chair (Location: Sycamore Ballroom 1, ground floor)
  • Panel 3: Decarbonization, facilitated by Daniela Angione (InnoGlobal), A.SPIRE Ambassadors Group Chair (Location: Chestnut Room 2, first floor)

15h15 Coffee break (15 mins)
15h30 Panel 4: “Making it Happen”: How to accelerate the Progress To Large-Scale Deployment And Breakthrough Innovation?, facilitated by Dorota Pawlucka (Covestro), APG Vice-Chair (Location: Sycamore Ballroom 1, ground floor)

16h45 Conclusions of the thematic sessions (Location: Sycamore Ballroom 1, ground floor)

  • Sebastian Engell (Technical University Dortmund), A.SPIRE APG Chair

17h Poster session & networking cocktail (Location: Willow Room, ground floor)

18h End of event

The panel discussions

The objective of the panel sessions is to contribute to wider discussions in industry, research and policy circles regarding of what can or should be done in the short- to mid-term future regarding technological innovations. The panel sessions will be facilitated by an expert in the theme under discussion. They will be organized around the examples of Processes4Planet projects and SPIRE projects. Specifically, each panel will have representatives of at least 4 different projects. Each project/representative will present their project, followed by a discussion among the panelists with possibility of questions from the audience. The panels will include at least 1 SPIRE project per panel with the objective of having mature projects offering insight on innovation roads (technological, economical feasibilities) that can guide P4P projects.

The Poster Session

The project representative will stand near the roll-up and provide information to any interested participant, thus enabling awareness of the project, networking and potential cooperation opportunities. Priority will be given to Processes4Planet and SPIRE projects. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Will it be a hybrid event? 
The event will be in-person only.

Can I use the event for networking for my organization/project? 
Absolutely. You are encouraged to do so. After the event, the organization will circulate a list of participants (with name, email, organization), that agreed to share their contact information (option available when registering), for networking purposes.

Is there a limitation on the number of people that can participate on behalf of a particular project?

No. Participation is open to any interested person, without limitations per project.

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