Processes4Planet Roadmap 2050: the advanced working version - JANUARY 2021

Big news for this start of 2021: our Processes4Planet Roadmap 2050 is on the final stage before official publication. 

Between 2018 and 2020, the A.SPIRE community has worked together to develop this Roadmap with regular interaction with the European Commission and other stakeholders. This document presents the Association vision for circular and climate neutral process industries and details the innovation needed to realize this vision.  

This Roadmap is the extensive result of the collaborative work of the A.SPIRE 10 sectors community. In 2020 Pulp and Paper and Refining joined the Cement, Ceramics, Chemicals, Engineering, Minerals and Ores, Non-ferrous metals, Steel and Water sectors A.SPIRE brings together. This synergy reflects the Association cross-sectorial approach, essential to support the deep transformation for European process industries to become circular and climate neutral by 2050

More specifically, the Processes4Planet Roadmap 2050 showcases the 3 general objectives the Partnership is aiming for:  

  • Developing and deploying climate neutral solutions 

  • Closing the energy and feedstock loops 

  • Achieving a global leadership in climate neutral and circular solutions, accelerating innovation and unlocking public and private investment 

Relevant funding will be necessary to reach these goals. A total of €34.5 billion of investments are estimated, as reported in the Roadmap, to be needed until 2050 to develop and progress this highly ambitious pipeline of innovation.  

Have a look at the advanced working version of the Processes4Planet Roadmap 2050 here.