Success Story No. 5: THE REDOL PROJECT


For the Circularity of the Process Industries, Towards a Zero-Waste Europe


On average, each EU citizen produced 500 kg of waste in 2020, and not even half of it got recycled. Given the urgency of climate mitigation and the importance of circularity in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, action was needed to support and enhance Europe's efforts.


The Horizon Europe REDOL project (full title Aragon’s REgional Hub for circularity: Demonstration Of Local industrial-urban symbiosis initiatives) is an ambitious initiative engaging 35 partners from 12 countries for a period of four years. It is funded under a call of the Processes4Planet Partnership and coordinated by A.SPIRE’s member, CIRCE. The project kicked off on 1 December 2022.


REDOL aims to recycle and turn waste into innovative circular products, thus creating fully circular cities. The project focuses on five different value chains (each of them constituting an environmental pain point): packaging, plastics, construction and demolition waste, textiles and waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE. Developing state-of-the-art technologies for sorting and recycling waste, REDOL will reduce landfilling and propose sustainable practices. One of the cornerstones of the REDOL approach is the urban-industrial symbiosis.


Expected Impact: Towards a Zero-Waste Europe


The project coordinators from CIRCE presented the project on The Grant (the podcast about EU funding and research project proposals). They explained the relevance of the project and how circularity will be implemented in the five value chains - from sorting to recycling - and highlighted the added value of the Processes4Planet Partnership (the podcast episode can be found here).  


The REDOL project is set to revolutionise waste management. The ground-breaking solutions will be first tested and demonstrated in Zaragoza, north-eastern Spain. By 2040, the solution implemented in Spain is projected to reduce CO2 emissions by 280kt/year and to save a total of 14 billion EUR, enabling the consolidation of Zaragoza’s hub for circularity.


The REDOL’s approach is highly replicable. The replicator-cities will be Prato (Italy), Bornholm (Denmark) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).


A.SPIRE is proud to present this Processes4Planet promising project, considering REDOL a success story and a valuable tool in bringing the European Process Industry towards circularity and climate neutrality. The future will be built with regional hubs for circularity and societal involvement and action. A collaborative effort for a prosperous society and a zero-waste Europe.


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