Guidance and Recommendations

Guidance for SPIRE Proposals

If you are in the process of structuring a project proposal for a SPIRE call, we invite you to have a look at the Guidelines on preparing SPIRE Project Proposals and Increasing Impact, which was developed through the SPRING project.

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Finding SPIRE Partners

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Guidance and Recommendations for SPIRE Projects

Kick-off Meetings Presentation

If you are planning your project's kick-off meeting, we recommend contacting ASPIRE so they can ensure you have access to up-to-date information on the SPIRE programme and resources that can help your project deliver impact. A default presentation is also available to give you an overview of key guidance:

Project Output Summaries

Project output summaries are an important way for projects to share valuable resources and outputs from projects alongside other projects in the SPIRE programme. More information on what Projects Output Summaries are and how to select resources to publish can be found in this introductory video (prepared by the SPRING project):

More detailed step-by-step guidance on how to construct and publish Project Output Summaries can be found in the following guidance document:

SPRING Guidance Summaries

Summary guidance sheets have been developed to help SPIRE projects address topics addressed in SPRING, to help enhance impact. A file containing all these summaries can be downloaded here (SPIRE Guidance Summaries), or individual pdfs can be accessed through the images below:

Thematic Workshops Guidance  Project Output Summaries Guidance  Barriers to Industrial Exploitation Guidance  Education and Training Guidance  Planning for Exploitation Guidance  Technology Scanning Guidance  SPIRE Network Groups Guidance  Integrating Sustainability Guidance