DREAM: Methodology for Market Replication


According to the EU Commission, a ‘market replication’ assessment aims to support the first application/deployment in the market of an innovation that has already been demonstrated but not yet applied/deployed in the market due to market failures/barriers to uptake. 

Market Replication aims to

  • Develop a comprehensive feasibility study on a project technologies transferability to other process industries  
  • Raising interest among other process industries stakeholders 
  • Develop a strategy to cross-fertilise the whole SPIRE industrial community through project exploitable results 
  • Maximising the impact of the project, especially focusing on the European area
  • Fostering cooperation and exchanges between European countries and to create synergies in basic and applied research regarding the project exploitable results.

Within DREAM Project, the partners have developed a reliable and transferable methodology to boost the market replication of exploitable results. The methodology consists in the following steps:

  • Overview of the exploitable results obtained with market replication potential
  • Preliminary identification of SPIRE sectors with market replication potential for exploitable results 
  • Analysis of the relationships between the project publications and the sectors of interest 
  • Analysis of the presence of the project technologies for each sector of interest 
  • Identification of the sectors with the greatest potential for market replication for each result 
  • Search for NACE codes for statistics (EUROSTAT data)
Exploitation, outputs, market, dissemination
Design for Resource and Energy efficiency in cerAMic kilns

The DREAM project (Design for Resource and Energy efficiency in cerAMic kilns) aims to design, develop and demonstrate a radically improved architecture for ceramic industrial kilns, characterised by optimised energy consumption, reduced emissions, and lower operating costs compared to currently available technological solutions.

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Horizon 2020 - Research&Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n° 723641

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