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The IMPRESS e-platform called the Future of Biorefining is an online learning environment that combines the main technologies applied in the IMPRESS project, their main advantages and project results.

The content is divided in three separate modules:

  • The first module deals with the separation processes required in biorefineries and the theory behind them; basics of mass transfer, distillation, crystallization, adsorption and simulated moving bed technology (SMB), and membrane filtration.
  • The second module deals with process design and analysis. The module is divided into two parts; conceptual process design (CPD) and life cycle assessment (LCA).
  • The third module deals with the processing of biomass into sugars and other products that can replace fossil raw materials.


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Integration of efficient downstreaM ProcessEs for Sugars and Sugar alcohols


Project website:

IMPRESS integrates disruptive upstream and downstream technologies developed by the project partners. IMPRESS concept uses 2nd generation biomass and turns process streams into value added products and green chemicals to replace existing fossil-based products.

The IMPRESS consortium consists of 10 leading European companies as well as research, development and educational organisations.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 869993.


Education/training materials
Efficient integrated downstream processes - CE-SPIRE-04-2019